I never wanted to own a business. But this is my second. The first was M.S. Audio and it existed from 1990 through 1997 or so. In addition to studio tech work I also did a lot of guitar amp repair with M.S. Audio. Much of that work was in conjunction with Roadworthy Guitar and Amp.

In 1995 Echo Park Studios hired me as their full-time technical engineer and operations manager. Shortly after that I shut down M.S. Audio and actually only had one job for a while. During this time I started working as John Mellencamp's technical engineer and that continues to this day.

Not being the kind of person to have only one job, I took on part-time teaching at my Alma Mater, Indiana University in 1999 when the director of the Recording Arts department departed. I started teaching 2 courses per semester, which was way too much considering how any hours I was working at Echo Park. I was young and unmarried though so I kept it going for a few years. The last year I taught part-time I was asked to take over financial duties at Echo Park while the owner went to Washington D.C. to work for most of the year. 2 semesters of that I had said "no more".

I decided that teaching was the direction that I wanted my future to move toward so I started what has now been 7 years of teaching full time at the I.U. Jacobs School of Music. During that time I continued working for Echo Park and John Mellencamp and soon other work began drifting it's way toward me. The project that made me decide to create Wolfgang Michael Sound was the re-commisioning of a Neve 8058 for Mike Flynn. Mike had been my intern at Echo Park and then the best studio manager that studio ever had. He is now staff producer and V.P. of A&R for EPIC records. He produced the huge selling debut and follow-up for The Fray. That project was completed in my converted 1 car garage (the Neve left little room for anything else. I have since moved into a large commercial space convieniently located across the street from my house. The garage remains a small mixing and editing room without all the rattling tools.

So here I am running a business, paying people to help me, using quickbooks................I'd rather just solder

So here I am