A111- Basic Electricity
Fall 2013

Instructor: Michael Stucker
Email: mstucker@indiana.edu
Office: M257A (inside M257)
Office Phone: 856-4897
Office Hours: by appointment (just ask!)
Course meeting times: Monday and Friday 10:10-11:00
Course meeting room: Musical Arts Center MC438
Lab meeting times: Wednesday 10:10-11:00 or 2:30-3:20
Lab meeting room: Simon Building M257
Section number (Lecture/discussion): 19091
Section numbers (Lab): 21486, 21487
Final Exam: 12:30-2:30 p.m., Wed., December 18 in MC438

This Syllabus may be updated throughout the semester.
For updates check in at the course web page: http://www.wolfgangmichaelsound.com/JSOM/A111/A111_Syllabus.html

-Required Text: Understanding Basic Electronics Second Edition, Walter Banzhaf ISBN: 0872590828
-Each student will be provided with Toolkit and Cable Tester Kit (reaping the rewards of those lab fees).
-Required Software: Each student is required to purchase a license for TopHat classroom assessment system. Student Directions. 

Course Objectives: At the end of this course students will be able to analyze a simple audio amplifier utilizing vacuum tubes. They will be able to define the function of each component; trace the DC, AC, and signal paths; and determine the resulting output given an input and a circuit. Sub-topics include: voltage and current, resistance and resistors, inductors and inductance, transformers, capacitors and capacitance, vacuum tubes and vacuum tube circuits.

Communication: I will communicate with students in class and via email utilizing the Oncourse email system. Make certain that you are checking the official email address that is tied to Oncourse regularly.

Homework: There will be regular homework assignments. These may be written or Oncourse assignments to reinforce the previous material, or short assignments to clarify the reading. The Oncourse homework assignments will allow unlimited submissions. Give yourself enough time to submit many times. complete the homework the first time with no help and see how you do. Then go through the ones you missed and work out the correct answers using your class notes, textbook, and course website nd then re-submit. Do this as many times as it takes to get 100%!

Exams: Make-up Exams will be given on the Monday after the exam only if there is an excused absence, see Attendance below.

Assignments: All lab assignments and homework assignments must be turned in to pass the course. All assignments must be turned in to the instructor by the end of class on the assigned day. Late assignments will lose 10 points (a letter grade) for each class meeting day they are late.

Reading: Assigned readings are listed on the syllabus. These must be done by the date listed. You are responsible for reading the assigned sections and coming to class prepared to discuss the material. Class time will not be spent covering material from the reading. Bring questions from the reading to class or email me with them as they come to you. Reminders may not be given about the reading assignments; you are still responsible for them.

Attendance: I expect you to attend each class meeting and to come a) on time; b )having read the assigned material; c) having prepared any required assignments; and d) ready to participate in class discussion. You are responsible for material covered if you are absent (do NOT ask if we covered anything important in class). Absences for illness will be excused if you have an excuse from a doctor. Even for excused absences, the covered material is your responsibility! Absences for School of Music productions are not excused; do not schedule yourself for productions during class.

Final grades: final grades will be figured from the following:
30%: Exams (2 including Final)
30%: Lab assignments, participation and attendance
20%: Lecture/discussion participation and attendance (including TopHat in class assessments)
**note: all assignments must be turned in before Friday, December 13 at 12:00pm EST. to receive a passing grade in the course



Monday Date




Section I


Aug 26

Course introduction and basics of electricity

Intro to lab procedures



Sept 2

No Class Monday Sept 2 (Labor Day)
Voltage and current

Lab #1: Dual Light Switch

Chapters 6 and 8


Sept 9

Voltage and current

Lab #2: VOM and Oscilloscope

Chapter 14-15

Section II: Resistance and Resistors


Sept 16

Resistance and resistors

Lab #3: Student Creations

Chapters 7,8, and 10-13


Sept 23

Resistance and resistors

Lab #4: Voltage Dividers  
Section III: Inductance, Inductors, and Transformers


Sept 30

Inductance, inductors and transformers

Lab #5: Simple Inductive Filters Chapter 9 (pgs. 9-14 on), Chpt. 17, 18, 20 (pgs. 20-9 on)


Oct 7

Inductance, inductors and transformers

Lab #6: Virtual Inductors  Chapter 21

Oct 14

Monday Oct 14: Exam #1
No Class Friday Oct 18 (Fall Break)

Practical Exam #1 Wed Oct 16

Section IV: Capacitance and Capacitors
9 Oct 21

Capacitance and Capacitors

Lab #7: Virtual Capacitors

Chapter 9 (pgs. 9-1 through 9-13), Chpt 16, Chpt. 20 (pgs. 20-1 through 20-8)


Oct 28

Capacitance and Capacitors,

Lab #8: Simple Passive Filters



Nov 4

Capacitance and Capacitors Lab #9: AC and DC Paths

Section V: Vacuum Tubes
12 Nov 11

Vacuum tubes

Lab #10: Build Cable Tester

Appendix C


Nov 18

Vacuum tubes

Lab #11: Tube Amplifier



Nov 25

No Class (Thanksgiving Break)


Dec 2

Circuit Analysis Lab review or Lab #12



Dec 9

Circuit Analysis

Practical Exam #2 Wed Dec 11  


Final Exam: 12:30-2:30 p.m., Wed., December 18 in MC438