A112-Electronics I
Spring 2013

Instructor: Michael Stucker
Email: mstucker@indiana.edu
Office: M257A (inside M257)
Office Phone: 856-4897
Office Hours: Tue and Thur, 10-11

Lecture/discussion meeting times: Monday and Friday 10:10-11:00
Lecture/discussion meeting room: Simon Building M242
Lab meeting times: Wednesday 10:10-11:00
Lab meeting room: Simon Building M257
Section number (Lecture/discussion): 17931
Section numbers (Lab): 20264 or 32408
Final Exam: 10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m., Fri., May 3

This Syllabus may be updated throughout the semester.
For updates check in at the course web page: http://www.wolfgangmichaelsound.com/JSOM/A112/A112_Syllabus.html

Course Textbook and Materials:
-Required Text: Electronics, Principles & Applications, by Charles A. Schuler
-Readings will also be assigned in the Class Notes: Electronics for Audio Engineers. These readings are available online.
-Each student will be provided a VOM Kit (a perk of your lab fees).

Course Objectives: At the end of this course students will be able to analyze complex audio amplifier circuits utilizing transistors such as our goal circuit. They will be able to define the function of each component; trace the DC, AC, and signal paths; and determine the resulting output given an input and a circuit.

Reading: Assigned readings are listed on the syllabus. These must be done by the date listed. You are responsible for reading the assigned sections and coming to class prepared to discuss the material. Class time will not be spent covering material from the reading. Bring questions from the reading to class or email the instructor with them as they come to you. Reminders may not be given about the reading assignments; you are still responsible for them.

Homework: There will be regular homework assignments. These may be written (either distrubted as paper or through Oncourse) assignments to reinforce the previous 2 weeks material, circuit simulation assignments using the M257 lab computers and Circuit Wizard software, or short assignments to clarify the reading. See Assignments below.

Exams: Make-up Exams will be given on the Monday after the exam only if there is an excused absence, see Attendance below.

Assignments: All lab assignments and homework assignments must be turned in to pass the course. All assignments must be turned in to the instructor by the beginning of class on the assigned day. Late assignments will lose 10 points (a letter grade) for each class meeting day they are late. Check Oncourse regularly to make sure you have been credited properly for assignments. All assignments must be completed to pass this course.

Attendance: I expect you to attend each class meeting and to come a) on time; b )having read the assigned material; c) having prepared any required assignments; and d) ready to participate in class discussion. You are responsible for material covered if you are absent (do NOT ask if we covered anything important in class). Absences for illness will be excused if you have an excuse from a doctor. Even for excused absences, the covered material is your responsibility! Absences for School of Music productions are not excused; do not schedule yourself for productions during class.

Disabilities: If any student will require assistance or appropriate accommodations for a disability, please contact the instructor during office hours or via email. If you have not already done so, you must have established your eligibility for disability support through the Office of Disabled Student Services in Franklin Hall room 096 (855-7578).

Final grades will be figured from the following:
30%: Exams (3 including Final)
20%:Homework and Quizzes
30%: Lab assignments, participation and attendance
20%: Lecture/discussion participation and attendance
Grades are available throughout the semester via Oncourse

Week Mon. Date Monday
Lab Friday Lecture
Reading (to be done by week shown)
Textbook: Class Notes:
Jan 7 Review Tubes Lab #1:Review V & I Measurement Semiconductors Chapter 1 and 2 (for Friday)  
Jan 14 Diodes Lab #2: XLR Cable Diodes Chapter 3 (through page 49) Chpt. 6
Jan 21 No class (MLK) Lab #3: Diodes LEDs Chapter 3 (pgs. 50-62)  
SECTION VII: Power Supplies
Jan 28 Rectifiers Lab #4: Power Supplies Power supplies Chapter 4 (through page 88) Chpt.7
Feb 4 Zeners/ Voltage Regulation
Lab #5: Zener Diodes and Voltage Regulation
Zeners/ Voltage Regulation Chapter 4 (pgs. 89-100)  
Feb 11 Review

Meter build time
MIC cables due by Wed Feb 13

EXAM #1 Friday Feb 15
Feb 18 Bipolar Transistors Lab #6: Bipolar NPNs Bipolar NPNs Chapter 5 (through page 125) Chpt. 8
Feb 25 Bipolar PNPs Lab #7: Bipolar PNPs
Transistors Chapter 5 (pgs. 126-138)  
Mar 4 Common Emitter Lab #8: Common Emitter more common E Chapter 6 (through pg. 163)  
Mar 11
Spring Break No Classes
Mar 18 Common Collector Lab #9: Common Collector Common Collector Chapter 6 (pgs. 163-172)  
Mar 25 Review Meter problem time
meters must be built by Wed Mar 27
EXAM #2 Friday Mar 29    
Apr 1 More on amplifiers, FETs   More on amplifiers Chapter 7 FETs
Apr 8 Large Signal Amplifiers lab #10: Push-Pull Large Signal Amplifiers Chapter 8  
Apr 15 Circuit Analysis: 1081 Output Amp Lab #11: 1081 circuit Circuit Analysis: 1081 Output Amp    
Apr 22 Circuit Analysis: 1081 Output Amp   Final Exam Review    
Final Exam: 10:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m., Fri., May 3