A211-Electronics II
Fall 2013

Instructor: Michael Stucker
Email: mstucker@indiana.edu
Office: M257A (inside M257)
Office Phone: 856-4897
Office Hours: Mon 1:30-2:15pm
Lecture/discussion meeting times: Mon and Fri 11:15-12:05
Lecture/discussion meeting room: Musical Arts Center MC438
Section number: 3955 and 6240 or 6239
Lab meeting times: Wednesday 1:25-2:15 or 2:30-3:20
Lab meeting room: Simon Building M257
Final Exam: 5:00-7:00 p.m., Wed., December 18 in Musical Arts Center MC438
Pre-Requisites: A112

This Syllabus may be updated throughout the semester.
For updates check in at the course webpage: http://www.wolfgangmichaelsound.com/JSOM/A211/A211_Syllabus.html

Required Text and notes:
-Required Text: Electronics, Principles & Applications, by Charles A. Schuler
-Additional Readings: Online readings will also be assigned
-Required Software: Each student is required to purchase a license for TopHat classroom assessment system. Student Directions. 

Course Objectives: : At the end of this course students will be able to perform an in-depth analysis of analog audio circuits. Some new electronic components will be introduced but the majority of the course will deal with defining and practicing a method for circuit analysis. Emphasis will be given to analysis by small student groups of circuits they have chosen. Sub-topics include: integrated circuits, operational amplifiers, operational amplifier circuits, and circuit analysis methodology.

Communication: I will communicate with students in class and via email utilizing the Oncourse email system. Make certain that you are checking the official email address that is tied to Oncourse regularly.


Homework: There will be regular homework assignment throughout the semester. These will be used to reinforce the main points of the previous week. It will also give the student a chance to use their new understanding, along with that of previous weeks, to analyze real-world circuits. See Assignments below.

Exams: Make-up Exams will be given on the Monday after the exam only if there is an excused absence, see Attendance below.

Assignments: All lab assignments, homework assignments, and steps in the schematic project must be turned in to pass the course. All assignments must be turned in to the instructor by the end of class on the assigned day. Late assignments will lose 10 points (a letter grade) for each class meeting day they are late.

Equipment Schematics: The last two thirds of the class will be led by students. Each student will choose a piece of equipment and completely analyze the schematic. Complex schematics can be split between students.

Attendance: I expect you to attend each class meeting and to come a) on time; b )having read the assigned material; c) having prepared any required assignments; and d) ready to participate in class discussion. You are responsible for material covered if you are absent (do NOT ask if we covered anything important in class). Absences for illness will be excused if you have an excuse from a doctor. Even for excused absences, the covered material is your responsibility! Absences for School of Music productions are not excused; do not schedule yourself for productions during class.

Final grades: final grades will be figured from the following
20%: Exams (2 including Final)
50%: Equipment Schematic
10%: Class participation and attendance
20%: Lab assignments and Homework
**note: all assignments must be turned in before Friday, December 13 at 12:00pm EST. to receive a passing grade in the course



Monday Date





1 Aug 26 Review / intro Circuit analysis
    Lab #1: Reacquaint Yourself

Sept 2

No Class Monday Sept 2
Class circuit Analysis
First Circuit Analysis (due Friday Sept 4) Circuit Analysis Lab #2: Circuit Analysis Test

Sept 9

Circuit Analysis, Op-amps Mini: Op-Amps Chpt 9-1 through 9-5 Lab #3: Op-Amps

Sept 16

Op-amps Schematics Chosen (Sept 16)   Go over schematics

Sept 23

Channel Strip: Power, Preamp   DC-DC converters
THAT 1512 datasheet
6 Sept 30 Channel strip: EQ,

Schematic Part 1 due (Sept 30)

Chpt 9-6 and 9-7

Lab #4: Channel Strip 1
7 Oct 7

Channel strip: Compressor Schematic Part 2 due (Oct 7)
THAT 4301 datasheet
Lab #5: Channel Strip 2

Oct 14

Exam #1: Monday Oct 14.No Class Friday Oct 18 (Fall Break)  

Oct 21

Work on Schematic
Work on Schematic

Oct 28

Work on Schematic

Schematic Part 3 due (Oct 28)

Work on Schematic


Nov 4

Work on Schematic
Schematic Part 4 due (Nov 4) Work on Schematic

Nov 11

Nov 11(Mon): turn in lab (Part 5) Nov15 (Fri): TBA

Schematic Part 5 due (Nov 11) Test Part 5 Lab

Nov 18

Nov 18: Demo presentation 1176
Nov 22: TBA
Schematic Part 6 due (Nov 18) Part 5 lab

Nov 25

Thanksgiving Break (no class) 
15 Dec 2

Schematic presentations:
Mon:LA2A and Fairchild
Fri: Hardy and Spectra Sonics

Dec 9

Schematic presentations:
Mon: Neumann
Final Review (Friday)
17 Final Exam 5:00-7:00 p.m., Wed., December 18 in Musical Arts Center MC438