A270 Video Projects

You have two video projects due this semester: the Individual Video and the Group Video



finished length: 5-10 minutes
possible topics:
-Comparison of different mic positions for a particular instrument with same microphone
-Comparison of different microphones in same position on same instrument
-Comparison of "real world" EQ or compressor and "plug-in" equivalent
-other comparisons if approved by instructor
project assignments:

1- Topic Due: Utilize this form and describe the topic and methods you will use for testing and comparison. Any equipment that will need to be borrowed must be listed as well. (for the most part 405 equipment will not be available) This must be turned in through the Oncourse "Assignments" tab as a PDF document. Do not wait until the last minute to turn in your assignments, Oncourse/your connection will fail you, do not let it cause your grade to be a fail!
topic example "I will be comparing mic positions of an Audix D7 microphone on a kick drum.
I have a kick drum and Audix D7 that I wil use and I will record it at my house."

2- Video Outline due: Utilize this form to create an outline. This will include a list of all equipment, instruments and software that will be used as well as the locations where the video will be shot. The last page of the form is a storyboard, copy this page as many times as you need.
3- Video due: Video must be uploaded to YouTube by class due date. Videos will be played back during class from YouTube. A full resolution video must also be turned in to instructor by due date. A folder has been set up at IUBox for this, all files must be uploaded prior to the due date.