Neve 8058 for Mike Flynn, now residing at Swinghouse Studios in Los Angeles, CA. The console had been sitting and had endured some torture at the hands of a tech who should not have been near it. It got a full bath with ultrasonic cleaning, a full re-cap, replacement of all the relays, LED replacements of meter bulbs, and re-covering of the armrest.
Ampex 601 recorders (2 of them) for John Mellencamp and his "No Better than This" album. The album was recorded with a single microphone through this tape machine (one was a spare). They were completely rebuilt for reliability while retaining as much of the original sound as possible. A separate preamp output with duplicate signal path was also added to allow live transfer of both the repro and input signal.
Cadac G320 console (originally from PYE studios) for Warren Huart, now residing at Harmony Studios in Los Angeles, CA. The console got the typical ultrasonic cleaning and recap but also needed a large portion of "Gyrators" replaced. What's a"Gyrator" you might ask. It is a circuit that inverts the impedance of a capacitor to create the equivalent of an inductor. Printed Circuit Boards had to be created based on a circuit lost by Cadac, so the circuit was re-created from those few that still existed. Not sure where the missing gyrators went....
  Neotek Elite for White Ark Studios in Bloomington, IN. Another typical re-commisioning utilizing a sonic cleaning system, complete re-cap with Nichicon MUSE series capacitors and replacement of all large faders with new Alps units.
Neve V3 (2 of them) for Aireborn Studios in Fishers, IN. One of these is slowly having the channels rebuilt, the other came to Bedford for a complete re-commissioning. The console came to us with a completely non-functioning master section, however. It had been cut down from a larger console but never made to work, then it sat for a few years. The console had been originally built for film sound and thus included LCRS monitoring and dubber monitoring. All of that will be removed and converted to a standard stereo monitoring with multiple stereo busses. This is in progress but whould be finished before the end of the year.