Selected Discography for Michael Stucker

credit key
R Mx Ma P E T A
Recording Mixing Mastering Producer Editing Technical Engineer Assistant Engineer
Year Artist Album Label Credit
2010 John Mellencamp No Better Than This Hear Music T
2010 John Mellencamp On The Rural route 7609 Hear Music T
2010 International Harp Festival Harp Dreams WTIU/PBS R/Mx
2010 Eric Brengle Accounting for Curvature P/R/Mx
2009-1997 National Concert Band Festival Bands of America Music for All R/E
2009 Jason Wilber Ghosts of Summers Past Wilbertone Records R/Mx/Ma
2009 Jason Wilber Live and Otherwise Volume 2 Wilbertone Records R/Mx/Ma
2008 Grand National Marching Band Competition Bands of America Music for All R/Mx/E
2008 John Mellencamp Life Death Love and Freedom Hear Music T/R
2007 John Mellencamp Freedom’s Road Universal Republic/UMe R
2007 John Mellencamp Storytellers VH1 T
2007 Jason Wilber Lazy Afternoon Wilbertone Records R/Mx/Ma
2006 Stoll Vaughan Love Like a Mule Shadowdog R
2006 Jason Wilber Live and Otherwise Volume 1 Wilbertone Records R/Mx/Ma
2005 Grand National Marching Band Competition Bands of America Music for All R/Mx/E
2005 Beaux Arts Trio Beaux Arts at 50 WTIU/PBS R/Mx/E
2004 Grand National Marching Band Competition Bands of America Music for All R/Mx/E
2004 Hells Half Acre Under a Whiskey Moon R/E
2004 John Mellencamp Words & Music Island/ UTV T
2004 Stoll Vaughan Hold On Through Sleep & Dreams Shadowdog R/E
2004 Jason Wilber King for a Day Wilbertone Records R/Mx/Ma
2003 Buselli Wallarab Jazz Orchestra Heart & Soul: The Music of Hoagy Carmichael A
2003 John Mellencamp Trouble No More Columbia T
2003 Over The Rhine Ohio Back Porch/Virgin T
2003 Paging Raymond Bridges Left To Burn R/Mx
2003 Some Girls Feel It Koch R
2002 Robert Mirabal Music From a Painted Cave DVD Mirabal/Scalem R/Mx
2002 Carrie Newcomer Gathering of Spirits R
2002 Silvercrush Stand Redline A
2001 Craig Brenner Window on the Soul Philo R/E
2001 John Mellencamp Cuttin' Heads Columbia T
2001 Robert Mirabal Music From a Painted Cave Silver Wave Records R
2001 Over the Rhine Films for Radio Back Porch/Virgin R/Mx/E
2000 Blast! An Expolsive Musical Celebration RCA Victor R
2000 Farm Aid Farm Aid: Keep America Growing, Vol. 1 Redline T
2000 James Horner/ John Mellencamp Perfect Storm Sony  T
2000 misc B-town Sounds WTIU/Echo Park R/Mx
2000 Over the Rhine Give Me Strength NBC “Third Watch” R/Mx
2000 Jason Wilber Behind the  Midway Flat Earth R/Mx
1999 Blast! London Theatrical Production Assistant Sound Designer
1999 Gordon Bonham Blues Band Low Down and Blue Slipery Noodle R
1999 Johnny Socko Quatro Rock & Roll Rampage E/Ma
1999 Marmoset Today It's You Secretly Canadian A
1999 John Mellencamp Rough Harvest Mercury T
1999 Jimmy Ryser Every Day Is You Holl & Daise R/Mx/P
1999 Jimmy Ryser Let It Go Holl & Daise R/Mx
1998 Gregory Barrett The finnish Clarinet Alba records Oy E
1998 Deb Bartley These Small Rooms Egg R/Mx
1998 Gordon Bonham Get Back Home   R/Mx
1998 David Cutler Chestnut Branches in the Court R/Mx/E
1998 DNA-12 It's Almost Midnight   Mx
1998 Fear of Pop Volume I 550 Music/ Sony A
1998 John Mellencamp John Mellencamp Columbia T
1998 Mysteries of Life Come Clean RCA/ Flat Earth A
1998 Carrie Newcomer My True Name Philo/ Rounder R
1998 Uvula Smarm   R/Mx
1998 The Why Store Two Beasts Way Cool/ MCA T
1998 Jason Wilber Lost In Your Hometown Flat Earth R/Mx
1997 Bottle Rockets 24 Hours a Day Atlantic A
1997 Fabric Woolly Mammoth Scrimshaw R/Mx
1997 Kim Fox Moon Hut Dreamworks A/Mx
1997 House Marys Anti-Bus   R/Mx
1997 Johnny Socko Full Trucker Effect Asian Man R/Mx
1997 John Mellencamp The Best That I Could Do Mercury T
1997 Robert Mirabal Mirabal Warner Brothers A
1997 Mysteries of Life Focus on the Background RCA/ Flat Earth A
1997 Mysteries of Life Anonymous Tip RCA/ Flat Earth A
1997 Son Volt Straightaways Warner Bro. A
1997 Star of Indiana Brass Theater III: Blending Brass and Broadway A
1997 Superchunk Indoor Living Merge A
1996 The Canadian Brass and Star of Indiana Brass Theater II Core A
1996 George Harris Zippy Torture Hinge Pin Production R
1996 Thin Lizard Dawn Thin Lizard Dawn RCA Assistant
1996 The Why Store The Why Store Way Cool/ MCA T
1995 Black Olive Verge Goblin 9 R/Mx
1995 Craig Brenner Play It Again, Professor!   R
1995 Robert Mirabal Land Warner Western A
1995 Nationalgalerie Meskalin Sony Germany A
1994 Pencil Skantron Grass R/Mx
1992 Ron Markman Mukfa a Fun Place Indiana Arts Council R/Mx/E